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      Warranty Registration

      Just received a product? Register the product and we'll keep track of the warranty for you.

      Warranty Service

      Have a broken or defective product? Request a return.

      Warranty Returns

      Just put your return in the mail. Upload the tracking number for faster processing.


      Humidifiers, Thermostats, Bath Fans, Heaters, and Portable Fans Prior to 2023

      If you own a humidifier, thermostat, bath fan, heater, or portable fan purchase prior to 2023, please call 888-880-3267 and select the option for Sienhua, or email

      Ceiling Fans

      If you are an owner of a Hunter ceiling fan and have a warranty question, please call 888-830-1326 or email

      Special Models

      If you need technical assistance or warranty service on the models HT1701, HT1702, HT1715, HT1726, HT1725, HT1811, HT1831, please call 800-975-7116.