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      Hunter Pure Air Sales & Support

      Please have your model number ready before contacting us.
      Need more assistance? Here's how to reach us.
      Hunter Pure Air Email Address Hunter Pure Air Phone NumberChat with Hunter Pure Air

      Phone: 855-887-1440
      Chat: Chat Support
      Hours: Monday-Friday 8 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time

      Humidifiers, Thermostats, Bath Fans, Heaters, and Portable Fans Prior to 2023

       For humidifiers, thermostats, bath fans, heaters, and portable fans purchased prior to 2023, please call 888-880-3267 and select the option for Sienhua, or email

      Ceiling Fans

      For ceiling fans, please call 888-830-1326 or email

      Special Models

      For technical assistance or warranty service on the models HT1701, HT1702, HT1715, HT1726, HT1725, HT1811, HT1831, please call 800-975-7116.